Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Willow Cottage Writer

Date: 08.16.11
Time: 4 p.m.
Mood: Humbled
RE: Willow Cottage

Upon arrival, a staff member (I’m sorry I don’t remember your name!) gave me a tour of the farm and then took me up to my new home, Willow Cottage. I was so profoundly humbled by the beauty of the cottage that I cried. It has been made with such great care and loving attention to the detail of what a writer needs to be creative: Beauty. Solitude. Inspiration.

I am quietly taking it in, but wide-eyed with joy. I feel like Snow White must have felt when she stumbled upon a charming cottage in the woods after having been lost. She walked in the door, and immediately, she knew she was home.


RDecker said...


Margi Shindler said...

I know the feeling of taking a ferry on a gorgeous summer day to an island, and wanting to write, write, write because it is all so beautiful.
You are special because you can see and feel the beauty. Nothing wasted here!

Jim said...

I live life vicariously threw your writings Ms Roebacker

Brenda said...

What an amazingly lovely place. We have to get together when you get back! Have a relaxing, soul searching, ever emerging time!

Michelle R said...

I think you have figured it out....pick fresh flower, invite a few people over, laugh, cry, sing, read, write and general enjoy yourself. I had to smile because I thought of summer camp as a kid. Have a great time and I miss you at work but you deserve a lit Tammy time.

Michelle R said...

It sound wonderful...pick fresh flowers, invite a few people over, laugh, cry, read, write and general enjoy yourself. I miss you at work but I am elated your having some Tammy time. You deserve it!