Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Wonder

My Memorial Day weekend has been spite of the incessant rain and no big travel plans. On Sunday, Tim and I got up at the crack of dawn to go searching for a Sunday edition of the Tacoma News Tribune--still in our pajamas. We felt like kids on Christmas morning, driving around with bed head hair at 7 am -- looking for a TNT paper box. After securing a stack of newspapers, we bought warm apple fritters fresh out the oven and plunked down at Stadium Tully's to sip big coffees and read all about it:). The TNT has done a 2 page spread on my poetry today, my new role as poet laureate in Tacoma and coupled the text with a lovely Tacoma photo montage.

I feel very honored and have so much gratitude today I feel I will burst. I am surrounded by love and humbly accept the gifts that the universe is sending my way. Gifts I am mightily gracious for as I have a deep well of loss by which to compare them:

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