Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting Ekphrastic with Tacoma painter, Trinda Love

This painting, done by artist Trinda Love, hung at the Grand Impromptu Gallery before it closed last year so the Grand Cinema could expand their theater into the space. I wrote an Ekphrastic poem in response to her work, titled: On "View from the Golden Rooms'. Mostly I was struck by the golden light and color she captures and the profound tangibility of her perspective here, done in thick, chunky painted strokes. Love painted this 'en plein air' --which means she did it in the open air of that space, and I keyed in to her concept dramatically as a poet. When viewing the painting, I felt like I was transported into that very room--able to stretch my own arms out of the window and feel the breeze and warm sun on my skin while listening to the city traffic below. If you're a poet looking for new sources of inspiration, I encourage poets to 'Get Ekphrastic' and write in response to art, music, painting or sculpture surrounding you. It's a great way to break out of the writing doldrums some of us experience from time to time.

On ‘View from the Golden Rooms’
A Painting by Trinda Love

I spy up high
with my golden eye
a moment so vibrant
so bright so wide
the window view
has let in the sun
pushing me out of myself.

I lean off the painting’s edge.
A ledge lit so lustrous and warm
the outside buildings sizzle
orange. Luscious as citrus,
the concrete world below
has mastered the miraculous.
Cracked open hopeful
en plein air
and bore fruit. Alight,
from a gilded view,
at such grand height,
I greet the plum-purple streets
and eat this day ripe.

--Tammy Robacker

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